The exploring for a new dyeing method

This atelier sets out to dye textiles with craftsmanship, and treats ready-to-wear clothing and fabrics made of cellulose such as cotton, linen and even viscose. Textiles are dyed with various method. In addition to existing dyeing method we challange to development a new dyeing method.

‘Handcrafted in his own unique style'

In opposition with modern printing techniques, the handcrafted multiple dyeing processes creates a unique appearance on textiles. This is because the result are influenced by various factors such as weaving style, thickness, moisture, and so forth. You can see characteristic designs in contrast to artificial designs.

Kazuma Date

Born in Japan, Kazuma studied fashion design at the fashion academy in Tokyo. After his graduation he worked at Tokyo dye works for over 12 years. At the time he occupied himself with ready-to-wear clothing by several famous Japanese fashion designers, fashion houses, theater company en film company. He also learned various dyeing techniques. Among other things, he took dyeing commissions using spray that were more creative and more technically refined.


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