Terms of Conditions

How does Poterito work?

If you would like to order, please read the conditions on this page carefully and agree to them.


Atelier Poterito first makes a sample for mass production. If they decide that your design is unsuitable for mass production, they will decline the commission.


Atelier Poterito will try their best to create samples; however, the atelier cannot guarantee that it can realize the design you want perfectly. If you’re not satisfied with the sample, the cost of creating the sample will not be reimbursed, but Poterito will try to make an improved or different sample without extra costs.


Atelier Poterito dyes textiles with dyes for cellulose.

Available fibers
• Cellulose fibers such as cotton, linen.
• Regenerated fibers such as viscose. (rayon)

Available models
• Ready-to-wear clothing such as T-shirts, shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets etc.
- If the ready-to-wear clothing contains complicated details, it’s possible that Poterito will be unable to dye it.
- If the ready-to-wear clothing has been sewn with polyester thread, this thread will of course not be dyed.
• Fabrics with a length of 1,5 meters or less.

The difference between dyes and pigments
• Using dyes hardly has any effect on the texture of the fabric.
• Colors applied with dyes affect the ground color and the overdye color.
- So if the patterns are applied with a dye, you should choose a ground color or overdye that is lighter than the pattern’s color. Otherwise the patterns will be invisible.
- ‘Overdye’ means dyeing fabrics that have been dyed before.

• Dyeing with pigments makes the texture of the fabric slightly harder, because of the binder. That’s why Poterito recommends using pigments for sturdy fabrics.
• Pigments have little influence on the ground and overdye color. That’s why you can choose darker colors than the pigment color.


If ready-to-wear clothing contains accessories like buttons, these may be damaged during the dyeing process. Atelier Poterito recommends that you don’t sew these accessories to the clothing before dyeing.


After the dyeing process almost all fabrics shrink. During the making of the sample the degree of shrinkage is tested by the atelier.


Atelier Poterito only takes care of the dyeing. Ironing and fixing price tags are not included in the service.


The fine-tuning of the colors is checked with a fluorescent light indoors.


If ready-to-wear clothing is sewn together from different types of fabric, there may be a color difference after dyeing, for instance between the sleeves and the body.


All these articles will be fixed and washed neatly but to be sure Poterito recommend that clothing of the dark colors that is painted in the studio should not be washed together with light-colored clothing. This is to avoid contamination.


Please do not wash with bleach otherwise the dyed color will become lighter.


Delivery time depends on the situation at the atelier. Normally a sample will be sent to you within a week. Delivery time of mass produced articles is determined by processing time, number of clothes and how busy the studio is.


Basically, Atelier Poterito adds softener to confectie after dyeing. If you do not want this, please let Poterito know.